Best 5 Android Applications for Windows Computer

Top 5 Android Apps for PC: If you have a windows computer and looking for some cool android apps to try on pc then this post of best android application is for you. Here, in this article, you will find the list of some cool and interesting apps that android lover should try on windows pc.

Best 5 Android Applications for Windows Computer

#1. Xender For Windows

Xender is among the most popular Android programs that can be found on the play shop, but they nevertheless do not have some PC version available.
Now It is completely your choice which program you need to use but should you would like to adhere to Xender then allow me to inform you, "There isn't any official xender for PC program available at this moment.

#2. Kinemaster PC

KineMaster for PC/Laptop 2018 was created keeping in opinion about the expert editing tools which are commonly used by all to make their photographs appear magical. This program has the comprehensive set of all of the filters, effects and other specific tools which are utilized by specialist editors. Noe, you may be thinking that just professionals photograph editors may use this program, but you've perceived it incorrect, KineMaster is indeed user-friendly each and every individual, be it an amateur or a professional, all may utilize this program with no bodies advice.

#3. vMeye for PC

It's not possible to maintain an eye each moment and watch what happen on your office, home or location in which you install safety camera particularly whenever you're away from this location. To track the scenarios there's some shortage stay, to avert this scenario cameras help and help to track carefully. There are various programs out there in the Android marketplace but we advise you to utilize vMEYE. When a company starts you have to require safety to maintain threatening situation for several reasons and maintain some undesirable folks to avoid. Now in most business centers and Malls cameras have been set up to observe all of the websites. VMEye allows to view a live video stream, see a number of quantities of movies at one time, this program can associate with lots of DVRs. You might even watch recordings that your DVRS created for backup. There are lots of cool features such as Play-pause, replay and store it and zoom in and out, a screenshot of streaming. Following that, you can store it or maintain as a listing in additional outside memory.

#4. Vidmate for PC

Vidmate is another great app for windows computer. With the help of Vidmate, you can edit videos on your android. And this android application is now available for windows computer. The only requirement to use this app is the bluestacks emulator. You have to download and install the bluestacks emulator to use this android application on your pc.

#5. xMeye for PC

Xmeye for PC is a really efficient video tracking software created by huangwanshui. It's actually useful to look closely at this comprehensive view of tracking video with the support of cloud technology.
To be able to provide the fastest transfer of its tracking service between customer and apparatus, it's given an excess attention on it. And also to brighten Xmeye program services around the Earth, it's improved its own cloud servers also. With assistance from cloud technologies, the program has accommodated MD5 encryption including other security aspects to provide an improved performance by making certain nobody can snoop on your own confidentiality.


I hope you have loved this collection of these android applications for windows pc. For any doubts regarding the best android apps for pc, you can comment down in the comments area below. 

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